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  • Trans - Arunachal Pradesh and Assam on Motorbikes
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Trans - Arunachal Pradesh and Assam on Motorbikes

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Covered Destinations Guwahati, Tezpur, Dirang Valley , Tawang, Bomdila, Nameri, Ziro, Daporijo, Along, Pasighat, Pasighat, Roing, Dibrugarh, Kaziranga,

Indian Motor Bike Tours

This tour can be broadly divided into three stages. The First stage takes us to Western Arunachal Pradesh which includes some of the highest motor able roads in eastern India. This region is inhabited by the Buddhist tribes closely related culturally and traditionally to the Tibetan people. The Tawang Monastery, Sungatser lake, Tse la pass and Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the highlights of this section.


The second stage takes us to central and eastern Arunachal. This is the land of deep forests and river valleys. Most significantly this is the Animist belt, with the central belief of most of the tribes here being ‘Dyoni Polo’. Ziro valley,


Siang River, Hanging bridges, Dibang river crossing etc are some of the highlights of this section.


The Last stage takes us past the oil and Tea producing region of Upper Assam. Our last stop before finishing the loop into Guwahati is the Kaziranga National park, home to the largest populations of the one horned Rhinoceros.



Day 01: Guwahati

Your port of arrival is Guwahati, here you will be met by your local team and transferred further to your designated hotel. After you are refreshed we will take the opportunity to introduce you to your motorcycles following which we have a comprehensive briefing regarding the days to come.


Activity: Briefing and Bike introduction


Day 02: Guwahati to Tezpur – 180 kms

Heading out of congested Guwahati as daybresk heading east on 4 lane national highways.Our destination for the day is Tezpur which is the largest town in the north bank of the River Brahmaputra. Literally meaning ‘city of blood’, Tezpur has played host to a great battle if one of the Indian Epics. We use this first day to get used to the new riding conditions and our bikes. We are mostly on National highways with over half the distance covered on wide four lane roads so that gives us plenty of time to adjust our selves to the new condtions.


Activity: Ride

Road condition – Good flat National highways


Day 03: Tezpur to Dirang Valley – 200 kms

Our first stop for the day will be at the Bhalukpong check gate where our permits will be verified. From here on we will be riding along the Kameng river which is one of the main feeders of the mighty Brahmaputra. Initially we have dense evergreen forests at the lower altitudes, but as we climb you will notice the vegetation changing and becoming sparse. Roads are not at the best as they are being broadened with mountains being cut down. We will pass a


few small towns, mainly military areas such as Tenga, Bomdila etc. Dirang is a beautiful valley with high ridges all around it and the Dirang chu river in the centre.


Activity: Ride


Road condition – Mix of good tarred, semi tarred


Day 04: Dirang to Tawang – 200 kms

Today will be a long and high road as we pass the 13700ft Sela Pass. From Dirang to the Sela pass will take us about 2 and a half hour and it is a constant climb. There is always a high chance of finding snow up here, but the Army usually ensure its open through out the year. From here, a long descent with numerous hairpins takes us to the valley floor only to start climbing again. This bit till Tawang will take us about 3 and half hours. Situated at 10,000ft Tawang is the last proper town before Tibet in this sector. Tawang, a town famous for its Monastery which is one of the important religious centres of Tibetian Buddhism and its panoramic views of the Eastern Himalayas into Bhutan in the west and Tibet on the North.


Activity: Ride

Road condition – Mix of good tarred, semi tarred


Day 05: Tawang

We start the day with a visit to the Tawang Monastry ,following this we take a stroll through the Tawang town. Evening we have an option of visiting the Ani Gumpa which is a Buddhist Nunnery or the Norbuling Gumpa which is the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama.


Activity: Local visits

Day 06: Tawang to Bomdila – 240kms

Todays route will be a repeat as we make our way back beyond Dirang to the township of Bomdila. Situated at about 7300ft Bomdila is another important town of western Arunachal.


Activity: Ride

Road condition – Mix of good tarred, semi tarred


Day 07: Bomdila to Nameri – 130kms

Riding down from Bomdila we will make our way to the Nameri Eco camp on the fringe of the Nameri wildlife sanctuary. For the energetic a small walk along the river can be arranged, the others can rest up in the seclusion of the campsite.The Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary and its twin Pakke Wildlife sanctuary are a typical examples of verdant forests teeming with wildlife and exotic species of birdlife,which Northeast India is so well known for.


Road condition – Mix of good tarred, semi tarred


Day 08: Nameri to Ziro– 300kms

This will be a long day on the road, the first section of about 200km will be on wide roads of Assam on NH52 taking about 4 to 5 hours whereas the second section where we head back into the forested single tracks of Arunachal Pradesh will be about 90km in distance taking again about 4hrs.


Road condition – Mix of good tarred National Highways , tarred/ semi tarred two lane roads


Day 09: Ziro

We take this day to visit local Apatani Villages and markets.The Apatini are a very interesting tribe who mostly farm rice also growing fish in the same rice paddies. They have a complicated system of Irrigation with waterways and ponds spread across the valley. The Apatani also have an interesting story for the design of their villages and the reason the elderly ladies tattoos on the face.


Activity: Local Visits


Day 10: Ziro to Daporijo – 170kms

Roads are generally the same as the previous day except for much thicker forests all around. Today we are in the land of the Animists tribes. It is a fairly long day on these narrow winding roads even though the actual distance does not suggest the same. Locally this region is famously known for the orange orchards that dot the landscape around the villages of this region. Here every 100kms you will be entering into an area of a different tribe or sub-tribe.


Activity: Ride

Road condition – Mix of tarred, semi tarred two lane roads


Day 11. Daporijo to Along – 160kms

Today’s ride will take us to the township of Along close to the confluence of the Siang and Siyom Rivers. This is the land of the Galo Tribe who are mostly worshippers of nature and their beliefs revolve around ‘Donyi Polo’ (Sun and the

Moon). Again today we are at the banks of another important feer of the Brahmaputra River. Subansiri river is one of the important rivers of Arunachal Pradesh with two districts named after it.


Activity: Ride

Road condition – Mix of tarred, semi tarred two lane roads


Day12. Along

We take this day to visit local villages of the Adi tribe and also the famed hanging Bamboo bridges that are found around this region.


Activity: Local Visits


Day 13. Along to Pasighat – 90kms

A fairly short day of riding. We will mostly be riding along the Siyom and Siang rivers. Due to road construction the riding bit can be fairly tricky. We reach our campsite on the banks of the Siang River fairly early. The Siang River is one of the thre largest rivers in the eastern end of India.


Activity: Ride

Road condition – Mix of tarred, semi tarred and broken roads


Day 14. Pasighat to Roing – 120kms

Today we enter the watershed area of the Brahmaputra River with the main tributaries (Siang, Dibang and Lohit) coming together a little west from here. The first half is on generally well paved roads through Adi and Idu Mishmi villages with small sections which are under construction. The second section of this day is spent negotiating the Dibang and the other smaller rivers that come down from the Dibang valley with a couple of large water crossingson boat and some on the bike. The numbers can not be predicted as every year this route changes. We end our day at Roing. One can expect a rough day of riding through the river sections with fair amount of dry riverbeds, water fording’s, mud sections, boat crossings and unpaved tracks.


Activity: Ride


Road condition – Mix of good tarred, semi tarred and lots of riverbed sections (gravel, sand , mud and water crossings)


Day 15. Roing to Dibrugarh – 150kms

Back on good roads we ride to Dibrugarh which is one of the largest cities in eastern India. Crossing the river at Sadia Ghat we head back into Assam this is the end of the bad roads and here on to Guwahati we will be on NH37 which is the arterial road of eastern India.. This is also one of the best tea growing regions of Assam. Riding past numerous Tea Estates we head to our destination for the day.Dibrugrh is situated on the south bank of the Brahmaputra. The city has changed its location a couple of times due to the river changing its course. We will lie back and enjoy the luxury of a colonial time Tea Bungalow set amidst a plantation.


Activity: Ride

Road condition – Good two lane national highways


Day 16. Dibrugarh to Kaziranga – 250kms

Kaziranga a UNESCO world heritage site boasts a thriving wildlife population and is one of the premier wildlife sanctuaries of Asia. Riding past rice paddies , small towns, villages and tea estates we make our way to Kaziranga. We will see more traffic than what we have since leaving Tezpur on the second day of the ride though the roads are in good condition and we will make good time.

Activity: Ride

Road condition – Good two lane national highways


Day 17: Kaziranga

The Kaziranga National Park is home to a healthy population of the Royal Bengal Tiger, it also has the largest number of the One-Horned Rhinoceros on the planet. Other wildlife in abundance are wild Asiatic water buffaloes, Asiatic elephants, the Gangetic River Dolphin, Golden Jackal, Hog Badger, the Chinese ferret Badger, etc. A typical day starts early in the morning on the back of an Elephant. This is the best way to observe the wildlife. Moving slowly through the tall grass on foggy mornings with wildlife all around is a surreal experience. Following this we jump into the Jeeps which will take us through the various habitats of the park. In the given days we will cover all the ranges of the park.


Activity: 1x Elephant Safari, 2x Jeep safari


Day 18: Kaziranga to Guwahati – 210kms

We start at dawn with a Elephant Safari in another range of the Park. Finishing breakfast we ride out keeping to the the south bank of the Brahmaputra on NH37 towards Guwahati. The roads are 4 lane and spanking new for more than half the way. We complete the loop at Guwahati.


Activity: 1x Elephant safari, Ride to Guwahati


Day 19: Depart

In time transfer to Airport to board the flight for onward destination. 


************************************TOUR END ***********************************



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Trans - Arunachal Pradesh and Assam on Motorbikes  

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-          Cancellation by North by Northeast Journeys In the unforeseen eventualities of disaster, war, riots, political or industrial unrest like Airline operators strike or any other force majeure (forces outside our control), it may be necessary to cancel the tour in the best interests of our clients. In such an eventuality our clients will be informed as soon as possible. The expenses borne by the clients will be refunded in full. We will also provide you with an alternate set of tour dates.


-          North by Northeast Journeys does not own places of accommodation (hotels, resorts) for its clients. While we do exert influence for the service providers to adhere to the utmost quality, the ultimate responsibility for the service is with the Hotels themselves.


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